Cancer is a major Non Communicable Disease (NCD) of developing and developed countries of the world. It is one of the disease for high mortality rate in world. The change in food habits, life style modification, urbanization, environmental pollution are the triggering factors for cancer disease. The incidence of cancer in India is increasing high in recent days. 

In Siddha system of medicine, cancer is referred as ‘Putru’, which literally means ‘Termite mound’. Even though the termite mounds are destroyed on the surface of the land, it can spread and grow again from its remnants. Similarly, cancer is also a virulent and metastatic (the disease spread to other parts of the body) in  nature which is difficult to treat. Hence, naming of cancer as a Termite mound by Siddhars, shows theirs in-depth knowledge about cancer. The ancient Tamil literature, “Sirupanchamoolam” (dating back to 200 A.D) describes about cancer and its metastatic characteristics. Thirumoolar, an ancient Siddhar, also discussed about severity of cancer in his book, ‘Thirumandiram’. Siddha literatures – ‘Pulipani vaithiyam’ and ‘Agathiyar vallaathi 600’ described about different type of cancer.