Siddha perspective

In Siddha system of medicine cancer is termed as Kazhalai, Putru, Vippuruthi, Ukkarasoolai, Thunmangisam, Mamisamagotharam and Vanmeegam. Siddhars, the great scientists of Tamil land who exposed the reality of nature through their spiritual knowledge, continued experience and keen observation threw light on the etiology, symptomatology and treatment of cancer in the form of condensed poems.

  According to Tamil – English Dictionary of medicine written by Mr. T.V. Sambasivam Pillai,  malignant tumors are very harmful because all the three major humours loose their mutual coordination and thus can not prevent tissue proliferation resulting in deadly morbid conditions.

Siddhar Yugi used the term Vippuruthi and Dhunmangisam in his literature Yugivaidya chinthamani which can be correlated with cancer. Based on the organs involved Yugi classified Vippuruthi as Kuvalai ippuruthi, Karppavippuruthi, Sanduvippuruthi and Oduvippuruthi. Based on the functional disorders Vippuruthi can be classified as Vathavippuruthi, Pithavippuruthi and  Kabavippuruthi.

Some of the Siddha literature like Agasthiyar Ranavaithyam, Nagamuni Nayanavithi, Agasthiyar Nayanavithi are dealing with cancer as Putru noi viz., Naakkuputru, Seviputru, Vaiputru, Kanputru which are cancer of tongue, ear, mouth and eyes respectively. Danvandhiri vaidhyam, Pararasasegaram and Siddhararuvai maruthuvam are are the some other books deals with cancer.


  • Change of people’s life styles from that of nature to the modern machine life
  • Bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol
  • Excessive intake of salty, pungent diet, tubers and contaminated food items
  • Not clean the teeth properly
  • Effects of people’s karma
  • Excessive sexual act
  • Continuous conception with infection
  • Excessive growth of body constituents like blood and muscle
  • Indulgence in prohibited activities
  • Consumption of food containing incompatible and adulterated food articles